Yes, truly literally as possible. I guess we all struggle differently with trust. "Surely we are not sufficiently sensible of the infinite tenderness of Jesus!" God’s children have “been predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will” (Ephesians 1:11). God's Word tells us that we are to trust in the Lord at all times, in all things. Please leave a comment if you wish to contact me, leaving your email details and details explaining your intentions, thank you. God’s purpose for allowing pain is to achieve something good. I preached this sermon at the New Haven Church of Christ days before the shutdown and social distancing laws. 24/7 Radio Stream. Faith always requires risk. Declaring over your situation breakthrough. Let your glory be over all the earth! I’m not good at waiting for God to answer my prayers, or to let me live in his plans and purposes, or to have some highly impactful life. What The Hair Kind of Blog Is This Anyway?!? Listen here: Guitar chords and PDF of lyrics found here: http://grahamchoo.blogspot.c... Actually I call it "Goldilocks Soup" for my children and it cured then of not liking pumpkin. What a timely post! They shall mount up with wings like eagles, Can you surrender to God’s plan for your life, God I am lonely! (Part 8). Faith means you obey even when you don’t understand it. Recently, I’ve been listening to some teachings and conversations where eagles keep coming up. They circle up and glide down. 2 The Purpose of God (Romans 8) He wants to show us His goodness, kindness, and faithfulness. Enjoyed this post? The story is frequently told of someone who watched a moth go through this struggle. Although we often see the circumstances we are in and the enemy that comes against us, we take refuge in the Holy Spirit. The first three chapters are very deep as it challenges readers to trust God when we have bad things and situations happen unexpectedly in our lives. We must learn to trust when we don’t understand. 4 Principles to Help Us Through Tough Times. No surprise there because God loves to show us his heart, and we need only listen. 2. Thanks Kathy. But trusting God when life hurts and at any other time in our lives means that we surrender to God our hearts desires and treasures. No, I’m looking for something deeper and more satisfying. See ... Trusting God When Life Hurts (Jerry Bridges) - Duration: 47:59. I’m not proclaiming perfection in this department. I love the encouragement. , near the end of his sermon, when talking about going through trials: Growing through Adversity, the Cecropia Moth. I will run to You because I know that You are, Lover of my soul healer of my scars. Trusting God at any point is hard for me. Beautifully written piece. I love that saying Danielle. It talks about our heart before God. or Do we submit and surrender everything to Him? God is good, even when life is bad. I appreciate your encouraging words. Trusting God in Uncertain Times Sermon Psalm 62. I love that your name means God’s Eagle that is an incredible name. III. God is in control, and God is good. This is hard for me. The Lord sends adversity to help us, not to hurt us. Ooh girl you got me with this one…waiting is NOT my anointing lol. But as the person watched, the wings remained weak. The pressure's off you now and on God, and he can handle it perfectly. 3. ", Because of Jesus, There Can Be Rejoicing in the Midst of Sorrow, Catch the Sunlight-that God puts in every day, Remember the Lord's Day - Is there a ‘Christian sabbath’? I love that. I might as well add – a looooooonnng season of waiting. I love how God uses nature to encourage us and teach us. God, on the other hand, does not change. They can change at any moment, even in an instant. I learned this from Noah's Ark.... has for about 10 years been one of my most favourite of books.... it is one of those essential must reads for every Christian! I don’t, but I want to. In this difficult place, I find that waiting becomes a time of rich encounters with God if I choose to engage with Him. God will make something beautiful of your life, but he needs your This is so beautiful and profound. Radio Streams. That’s what makes waiting so hard. God is the only one, in fact, who can bring good out of such a day. It becomes an opportunity to encounter God in the secret place. The largest and most trusted library of over 1,913,000 free sermons from conservative Christian churches and ministries worldwide. "When grief presses you to the dust, worship there, 'pour out your heart before Him. Trusting God when life hurts is even harder. Read More…, 7 Devotions to Living Free with Pocket Prayers, Your copy of 7 Devotions to Living Free will be coming your way in a few moments. To me, this speaks of trust and surrender. I know many people who ask God to guarantee their success before trying what he has asked them to do, but that’s not faith. Thanks Diane. We must do the right thing, even when it does not seem to pay off. VCY America. May He give you clarity and direction in this season in Jesus name. Praying for you in this time. The main characters of this christian, religion story are , ., […] Oh, how easy he is to trust, in this place. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Do we believe in the promises of God even when everything looks impossible? What a great post!! Subscribe to my weekly newsletter to be the first to receive access to my Free Resources Page which also will give you the links to my FREE ebook. All Bible verses quoted on this blog are from the ESV Bible, unless otherwise stated. Right inside the palm of Your hands.” Do I still feel hurt? I know that He will walk by my side and never leave me. When life pulls our gaze down, we look in acknowledgment before lifting our gaze back up to look into the face of the loving Father. Trusting in Jesus when life hurts involves more than intellectual submission to Christian creeds. He wants to take us deep into his heart to explore the vast depths of his nature. Reformation Orthodox Presbyterian Church 13,435 views. I can trust him with my heart, my life. I’m also a major planner… and has the saying goes “Man plans, God laughs”. Courage has a crimson coat by Nancy Byrd Turner. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. God is a refuge for us.' Spurgeon. I love that God is always by our side even when life is really tough. Sermon "Trusting God Even When It Hurts" 1 Peter 2: 18-25. SERMONS ON TRUSTING GOD. Trusting God is not about ignoring your feelings or reality. We let go. If you are his servant, you’ll never want more. Vaughan Smith Several Psalms and many Proverbs divide all of humanity into two groups:the righteous and the wicked. Still, something beautiful and deep comes in the waiting. This is exactly what I needed to read today. But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint. They know it is pumpkin now but s... Noah's Ark : I’m not afraid of tomorrow for I’ve seen yesterday and I love today. My life's mission is to love wholeheartedly, unapologetically, and unashamedly. Is God the one who does our bidding? It builds us a reliable history with him and his faithfulness. I think Valentines Day can produce sadness and memories. Help your church trust God when everything seems to be going well, as well as during those times that the world seems to be falling apart. WHAT GOD DOES WHEN LIFE HURTS "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. God, I’m waiting on you; but, can I really trust you to not disappoint me? You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows." I’m so glad you enjoyed it. He said this: If God is your servant, He will constantly frustrate you. Special Episode: A Conversation with David French on the future of evangelicalism, When kids on the Spectrum Trash the House, YOUR ESCHATOLOGY DETERMINES HOW YOU THINK ABOUT THE FUTURE, Irving Steggles (1945–2020)—The Sun That Never Set, SKRIFTUUR EN NATUUR - BEIDE REG VERSTAAN - IS NOOIT IN DISHARMONIE NIE, When Naughty is Finally Something Typical, "You raise me up" script in English and Português, "Be exalted, O God, above the heavens! Blessings ❤️. Trusting God when life hurts or waiting? INTRODUCTION: We're concluding Psalm 23 today. This blog is the property of Tarry Home/Joy Murray and nothing in whole or in part can be copied without permission from Tarry Home. I recently heard a great nugget of insight at a conference where Bill Johnson was one of the speakers. Whatever we are trusting God for and waiting for, our posture at this time will either bring great growth or disheartenment. I’m adding those points to my Kitty of lessons about the eagle. Our trials can be a test of our faith. The beliefs we must commit ourselves to when facing suffering are: 1. ... Today we listened to Pastor Troy Cane's 2nd sermon in an excellent series on 'Becoming more Like Jesus',(click in Becoming like Jesus and scroll down to find the series) Here is the actual sermon link . I struggle just as much as the next person. Thanks Sheila for your kind words. Let’s be honest, often if you want something done you do it yourself, right? 24/7 Radio Stream. The first edition of the novel was published in 1988, and was written by Jerry Bridges. It will not be easy, but you will see the change when you begin to place your trust in God. God longs to encounter us in every situation we face. Very nice, I especially enjoyed your quote from Bill Johnson – such a good reminder of our role as servant. By this, I don’t mean that we come to God only with a checklist of petitions or frustrations (which God does care about). God tests our heart in our hurts. We love and enjoy whatever means we have to gather together!!! God can redeem the evil that comes into our lives. Gliding on the winds of the Holy Spirit as he comforts, teaches and leads us. Monday 23rd September 2019 "Trusting God when life hurts" Psalm 13 Andy Upton Series: Trusting God - Knighton Free Church I am walking through a difficult season, but the only way I can wade through it is by trusting in the Lord. For example, forgiveness never seems like a good idea … Coincidentally, my native name, Ugo, means eagle. 7 Powerful Scriptures for loneliness, Stop anxiety in its tracks by hiding in God, My alabaster perfume jar experience taught me about vulnerability and brokeness | Pen Paper Paint, My Heart Journey Blog | Living Fiercely Loved. Be sure to check your inbox and spam folders, Copyright 2018 | Living Fiercely Loved | All Rights Reserved |, Trusting God when life hurts and I have to wait. (I’m still waiting for this part too ). I’m glad you enjoyed it. I honestly didn’t think about Valentine’s Day. Faith, then, is believing that God is at work during the worst day of your life, even when you can't see how he is working. Eagles? Dr. Josh Braddy Love the eagle analogy! Isaiah 40:31 NKJV. I’m not gonna worry, I know that You’ve got me. This is a timeless topic that can and will impact people's lives almost every week. Ross Holtz at The Summit in Enumclaw. We wait patiently. We do not have an Extra Room, Where can we have Class? No one can fully understand or help but him. It hasn’t been easy to wait on the Lord and, to be honest, this post resonated with my situation so much. In his outstanding book Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts Jerry Bridges says: God’s plan and His ways of working out His plan are frequently beyond our ability to fathom and understand. A chance to learn how trustworthy he really is. Trusting God when life hurts is even harder. Our sermon ideas on Trusting God will help you preach a powerful message. I needed this!! Still, in the secret place, no one is watching except Him. Trust God. Thanks Ma Edith. "Trusting God Even When It Hurts" Good Morning, Church!!! However, an eagle is designed to go back up into the heights. Wow! I also like the eagle analogy. Its great that we aren’t alone in our struggle with waiting on God. I have learned to surrender and have found intimacy, with God. “Even when it hurts, even when it’s hard. © Tarry Home. Amazing how God works and His Word is there at the right time in the right place. Nothing about God’s work in Joseph’s life suggests he works any differently in the lives of his other children. Homeschooling: My Favourite Curriculum Stores , Things I Use, and Ozzie Distance Schools: Speak oh Lord, By Stuart Townend and Keith Getty. Thanks Michelle. God cares about them both. Thank you for the way you describe us ‘gliding on the winds of the Holy Spirit’, Isaiah 40:31 has been very significant for me recently and planted on my heart by God. […], […] his Shalom peace to fill me, I  can easily be overwhelmed with anxiety, fear and stress. This is a sermon by Rev. Trust God on this one. This act of surrender becomes an act of trust. The last thing we need to be is “rusty” when it comes to trusting God, His plans and His timing. Do we believe and trust God even in the midst of pain and suffering? Dynamic faith digs deep into our hearts and souls where we are free to wrestle with God as we experience the paradoxical realities of life. Sometimes I do want to treat God as my servant. Trusting God, and waiting can be so hard. I know quite a bit about waiting from my own experience, so I can relate with this post. As I understand one is able to use them freely with acknowledgement of which version is being used. November 13, ... our trust in Him will grow even if our circumstances stay the same. The full name is God’s Eagle (Ugochi). As I am typing these words, I am looking at this gorgeous wooden plaque with this verse carved into it (we bought it in one of the furniture shops in Lancaster). Yes, eagles, metaphorically speaking. In the letting go, God gives it all back to us better than we ever thought,  albeit different to our expectations. Trusting God at any point is hard for me. What’s harder? (Read this post on trusting God when life hurts) None of these are from God nor do they reflect his heart for […], Wife, mom, freelance writer, blogger, and artist. Many thanks for sharing this! Trusting God Even when life hurts By Jerry Bridges . You steady my heart. Soon the moth came out with its wings all crimped and shriveled. Do we focus on our circumstances allowing them to become bigger than God and define us, our lives and our destiny? Free download or read online Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts pdf (ePUB) book. Thank you for sharing. The book was published in multiple languages including English, consists of 215 pages and is available in Paperback format. I don’t want to treat God or speak to God as if He is my servant because He is my God, and I am His servant. Do we ask God to lift up our gaze to fill our eyes with His love, hope, goodness, etc… Allowing God to be greater than our circumstances, to define us, and to empower us with his anointing and power. What a simple concept yet it just puts all the puzzle pieces into the right spaces Isaiah 40:31 is such an important verse. Yet, God has me in a season of waiting. I pray that the spirit of the Lord rest upon you. In Psalm 23 we have seen how much God loves you. Trusting God Even When Life Hurts is filled to the brim with ways to help you build your faith and trust in God. Certainly in To me, this seems to be at the heart of trusting God. If you've been disappointed, ... How to become balanced and enjoy my life even while going through Spiritual warfare. Sometimes it’s easy; other times, I curl up in a ball distraught at this seemingly long tunnel. But those things alone are not reliable enough to base your life on. I want you to know, so have I and it hurts but, God is Faithful. So, I am forced into this place of trusting God when life hurts or with life in general. Although trusting is hard…very hard…I am thankful for what He teaches me in the waiting. Can some of you take your pain tonight and trust God with your pain and say, "God, this hurts so bad, I feel like I can't stand it, but I trust you, and I'm gonna keep trying to be a blessing to other people because I believe that even if it hurts, you're helping me give birth to something new in my life". Natalie, I’m so glad that you found this post encouraging. This sweetens sorrow and takes away it's sting." Sermon Psalm 37 Trusting God in Troubled Times A response to the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting. So, we find ourselves faced with a choice: Trusting God when life hurts turns us into eagles. Great reminder of where we should place our trust. - Trusting God When Life Hurts Series. By Charles F. Stanley. Yes, but I know God is working on my behalf. Praying that your fallow ground breaks open with life. In an effort to help -- and not realizing the necessity of the struggle -- the viewer snipped the shell of the cocoon. Visiting the Endeavour: Waiting to board, the modern/young and the ancient/old together. I have been a long period of waiting in fallow ground. Thank you for JOIN us this morning for our 9:00 and 11:00 services!!!! We fly up to see from God’s perspective which gives us more clarity, wisdom, and understanding. I appreciate your words of encouragement. He can bring good out of the worst day of your life. No one can fully understand or help but him. Allow God to keep working through you I want it all now. Anxiety threatens to tighten my stomach up in a ball of knots and a hundred thoughts enter my mind that only serve to increase that anxiety.