In puppies under five days of age, a general anesthetic is not used for dew claw removal, but rather a local anesthetic is given, or the pup may be sedated. Dew claws are found not just on dogs but on other mammals as well as birds and reptiles. when i touch his paw he wimpers and moves his foot away. i went to the doctor yesterday and she told me that i am 3cm dilated and that the baby`s head is extremely low. Our question this week was: Hi Dr. Debra – My puppy who is a Puggle and is about 6 and a half months old now had his neuter and dewclaw removal on his hind legs done about 10 days ago. Place waterproof bandage covers over them when you're going out for walks if it's wet outside, and remove the covers when the dog's back inside; they prevent the surgical wounds beneath the bandages from breathing. I'll keep you all updated when we get back. I kept it wrapped with a sock and vet wrap at the top. Dew claws are claws on a dog that grow farther up the leg than regular claws. The stitches never really held it together but we tried. She must have been digging at … Fill Out New Client Registration Form and Get Free Exam Coupon ($36.00 Value), Complete Client Survey Formand Get $5 Off Coupon. Most puppy clients wish to have the dewclaws removed at birth. Clear editor. She goes back for a recheck this week and hoping this will be the end of it. The honey did wonders. FAQs- Why might my dog show aggressive responses at the veterinary office? Healing up dew claws is tough--we did it with our first dog and it took quite a while to heal completely. Sounds like the dew claw incision will be on the mend soon, too. Maybe you can ask if they have anything like that tomorrow. We are to keep it wrapped for a few days and keep it dry. I'm feeling less guilty now. Mick almost cut his metacarpal pad off once. Took her for a little walk and now she's eating a kong. She seems more lethargic this morning. I guess we'll have to start using it at night. My dogs dew claw is like cut in half like someone took a knife from the bottom of her dew claw and pushed up on the knife. Her appetite is back this morning. Her spay incision looks great but her dew claw incision looks terrible this morning. For a while I had to use a guaze pad cause it was pretty messy for quite some time. Thick scaring but he was fine. She has to take her antibiotics with food. I don't suspect I'll sleep too much tonight anyway. Keep it dry and wrapped. Sending some quick and uneventful healing vibes Annie's way. A dew claw should only be removed when the dog is very young because of complications. Depending on the age of the dog, removing a dew claw is a simple procedure that may even be able to be done with only a local anesthetic, meaning the dog is not under total anesthesia and is only numbed at the removal site. A dewclaw is a digit – vestigial in some animals – on the foot of many mammals, birds, and reptiles (including some extinct orders, like certain theropods).It commonly grows higher on the leg than the rest of the foot, such that in digitigrade or unguligrade species it does not make contact with the ground when the animal is standing. We go back tomorrow to check it and to change the dressing. You just cut off the bottom and then slip it over her bandage and tape it in place with sport tape (use only for walking as it will also trap any moisture already in the bandage, but if you have to go through dew-covered grass in the mornings, it's better to put some sort of plastic over the bandage--even a couple of newspaper bags or grocery bags to help keep it dry while walking). Tomorrow ask your vet about some probiotics as well. We see occasional problems with torn or infected dew claws, but technically you do not need to have dew claws removed. So far she's not doing too bad, she doesn't like it but she's tolerating it. August 27, 2012 in Health and Genetics. I had to change it twice today and there was quite a bit of bleeding. I will ask about the fluid bag tomorrow when I go out. We took him to the vet, and they said it was an infected dew claw. However you can't, trust me I know how frustrated you are. I'm guessing it's possible that it would heal even without stitches, depending on how attached the dew claw was. I feel terrible! If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Home Remedy: You can also employ the use of a bar of soap to stop your dog from bleeding. Last year he had a tumor removed from his toe, and that did not go as easily. Please help guide me on cutting it. She must have been digging at it through the night. Robin's advice of a baby sock is good, that's what we did. Better she got the stitches out there and at the spay incision. Annie got spayed last Wednesday. Haven't used the e-collar at all because there's always someone here to watch her. Puppy dew claws will always be removed within days after the puppies were born, usually when they are three to four days old, and the costs, from what we researched, will really depend on your vet, geographical location and what may be included at the time during the dew claw removal as many vets will want to also include the vaccinations and perform an … Infected or diseased dewclaws may be treated with surgical removal or amputation. So I put a bag on it this morning for her potty outing. If your dog’s dewclaw is cancerous the solution your vet would recommend is definitely removal. This means the dog will only be under anesthesia once, and only one recovery period and veterinarian visit will be necessary. Most definitely. Unfortunately, there are no OTC sedatives for cats. Lets take a look at the pros and cons of dew claw removal, and what dew claw surgery involves. How & When To Remove Dew Claws Most dog owners who opt to have their dog’s dew claws removed have it done at the same time as the dog’s spay or neuter surgery. Don't feel bad! For best results, see your vet as soon as your dog starts to show signs of lameness, foot-licking or pain. She had her dew claws removed yesterday, ... Our 7 month old mixed breed dog got spaid and had rear dewclaw removal ... my puppy had his dewclaws removed and one of them seems to be infected, his paw is swollen and red. Complications, such as infection or regrowth of the nail, are possible. They got him in for surgery to remove the dew claw. Remedy for infected dog s dew claw I am 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant.   Pasted as rich text. I've never had much luck getting a dog to eat plain rice if the dog was anorexic. Thanks for the words of encouragement everyone! If the infection is more advanced, oral antibiotics will be necessary. This type of dew claw is more likely to present a problem and in most cases will need to be surgically removed. And I know how you feel, but it was the best thing to do to prevent an injury in the future. She was doing great until this morning. Dewclaws can be removed on most breeds but not all of them. The dew claw may need to be surgically removed. Find the dew claw. It's obvious to me that she's feeling better. We brought him back to the vet to get his stitches out from the dewclaw removal and they said there is … Our options with the vet were to remove the nail under surgery, or the dewclaw in its entirety. They also removed her dew claw on her back left leg. The dew claw is the claw that most dogs have on the inner portion of their lower leg, little ways above the rest of the paw. A dew claw should only be removed by a licensed veterinarian in an office setting. It's 2 hours past when she normally eats. It may not be pleasant for her, but better to do what you can to prevent her destroying the bandage. Removing Dew Claws: The Procedure Depending on the age of the dog, removing a dew claw is a simple procedure that may even be able to be done with only a local anesthetic, meaning the dog is not under total anesthesia and is only numbed at the removal site. las How much does it cost to remove dogs dew claws? However, some breeders perform the procedure at home. So she's all wrapped and I feel less nervous about it being exposed and about watching her 24/7 (although of course I'm still doing that). I feel so regretful for even getting it removed. We can still continue with our walks as long as it doesn't rain. Looks like he will get bandaged and we will give him pain medication and antibiotics for a few days. I just went through a 2-week period with one of my dogs in an E-collar (hematoma on her ear). That should also help with stomach upset. Thanks Robin and Paula. I did manage to get her to eat about half of her supper and take her antibiotics. Stay strong. Thanks Julie! A dog’s dew claw is like a thumb or big toe except it has no purpose. A dew claw should only be removed by a licensed veterinarian in an office setting. I called the vet as soon as they opened this morning and we have an appt at 3pm. Upload or insert images from URL. We opted to remove both entirely in hopes that it wouldn’t happen again. I know she hasn't been digging at it because it's been wrapped and she's been watched like a hawk. I've never had a problem with Tiga and plain rice. Last year my boy Diesel had a dentigeous cyst, since he was going under for that already i had his few claws and neuter done at the same time. If you see her messing with the bandage at all, I'd go ahead and put the E-collar back on her. Too bad the vet didn't offer you a used fluids bag for use when walking her. While it is a simple procedure, owners should not attempt dew claw removal on their own, as complications can occur and proper precautions should be taken. If she's not terribly interested in eating, you might try boiling some chicken for her (or ground beef; something with a good smell to a dog). Almost all dogs naturally have dew claws on their front legs, and some have them on the back, as well. She was doing great until this morning. If there's dew in the morning I will probably try one of Tiga's booties or a bag. He hated it for a while but finally just let me do whatever I needed cause I wasn't taking the darn sock off no matter how he whined about it. If a tear is particularly bad or the doctor has removed the nail entirely, a course of antibiotics or painkillers may be prescribed. Don't feel guilty, this sort of thing (chewing stitches) happens a lot. We got a couple of fluid bags that seem to work well. If she continues to be a fussy eater tomorrow I will go get some chicken to boil for her.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Some dogs have two extra claws growing from the back of one or multiple legs. Might cook some rice and try her with that. Pictured is … She only fussed with it once and stopped when I told her too. Paste as plain text instead, × That's a great idea! Prevention of Dog Dew Claw Injuries My biggest concern right now is that she won't eat her supper. It grows high up on the leg. How to administrate Medications & Home Care, First Aid Treatment of Common Pet Emergencies, Top 5 Poisons Pet Emergencies & How to Avoid Them. We have been doing that as her first 2 weeks with us she was out there half a dozen times all for nasty reasons. Because front dewclaws serve an important purpose, they should not be removed unless there is a very good reason to do so. Healed super quickly, too. She only ate about half of what she normally eats. Idk how she did it.. I had to have it stiched back on and it kept ripping right through the stitches. In small puppies, after a few days of their birth, the process of removal of dew claw is very easy because of the non-development of their muscle tissues and softness in their bones. Step 3 She's healing well. Following removal of the bandage, regularly clean the injury, and monitor for signs of infection (swelling, oozing pus discharge, or bleeding). If it's infected, it's likely painful to Tiger and she may need to be sedated in order to cut it safely. Still have a few hours before we go back for the re-check but I suspect she won't need more stitches.