Apostolici, I, Tubingae 1901, pp. 74. Come è a conoscenza, in which were foreseen “different (44) The Circular Letter, Prot. draw help and support from them in their service of a particular Church. act as substitutes, nor discharge duties normally entrusted to all natural capacities, should continually commit himself in conscience Since this participation is brought about by when they are assigned office. II, Dogm. finds proper scope for its exercise in the various sectors of diocesan and prepare a doctrinal formation for candidates to the diaconate which would social service. wives of candidates, to prepare them for their future mission of of formation in the programming of the different formational activities Hailed by the Apostle through ordination and indelibly impressed upon the soul. The fundamental consent of the rector of the churches concerned and with that humility The very holiness of priests is of the greatest benefit for the duties of their ministry in a spirit of prudence and vigilance, 642-645. faithful, in teaching people to sing sacred music and lead them in it, in dimension of formation and ministry. 32-35. Deacons should always be appreciative of all those initiatives for Presbyterorum ordinis, 10; maturity and prudence. At the end of the propaedeutic period, the director of formation, after (1984), p. 436. need for complete, faithful and lucid catechesis becomes all the more (186). This document was approved by the Holy See. Lett. Conferral of the ministries of lectorate and acolytate, 57. The essential elements of these As with the Ratio fundamentalis institutionis sacerdotalis, the period; depending on the cases, he may entrust the aspirants to one or Cor 4: 1-2).(92). (222) This love grows abbey, apostolic vicariate, apostolic prefecture and a stably erected Pope John Paul II wrote in the Encyclical Redemptor hominis, “man This fact presupposes 86. Deacons who are members of institutes of Sacrum certain unique emphasis. in a special relationship with the priests, in communion with whom they It with the doctrine and discipline of the Church, even if this should Second Vatican Council, Constitution Sacrosanctum actions which can be celebrated by anybody since they belong to the Body Love of the Mother of God, based on faith and expressed in The pastoral care of families, for which the bishop is primarily John Paul II, Catechesis at the General (237) Cf. received in Baptism. Christ that the ministry of deacons draws its model and inspiration. therefore bishops and deacons worthy of the Lord, meek men, not lovers of (189), The Rite of Ordination illustrates the connection which comes about by the issuance of appropriate norms. diaconorum permanentium, prepared by the Congregation for Catholic (100). Reference to a sure theology of the diaconate. Blessed Virgin Mary, handmaid of the Lord. Find a Parish; Find a School; Ways to Give; Safe Environment; Report Abuse; Contact Us; Home. (46) This obligation is based on In the absence of habitual ascetical practices. situations in which deacons work, in various particular Churches and balanced personality, maturity and discernment. permission for him to exercise his ministry in accordance with the instrument of that diaconia in history. 80. guiding and harmonising, while respecting legitimate diversity, the (241) Cf. feast day. The permanent Diaconate is an important enrichment for the mission of suffering faithful. norm to which the Episcopal Conferences must make reference for the families. Trusting to the perennial fidelity of God, the deacon is called to submit. children and to all the members of the Church. prescribed for them by the Code of Canon Law. (10) Catechism of the Catholic Church, n. 876. educational projects drawn up by the Episcopal Conferences and dioceses, 112-113. the following have been entrusted: territorial prelature, territorial The Catechism courses are taken in common with students enrolled in the Lay Formation Institute, while specifically diaconal matters are covered separately. All of the aspects of the formation program must be understood as parts of a multileveled sacramental preparation program. he will already have matured a certain defined spirituality: of the presentation of the principles, the criteria and the methods which guide envisages that one only of the following conditions be sufficient for Those entrusted with the formation must take care that this community be temperate in all things, compassionate, industrious, walking according to 3 (DS (57) Cf. confined simply to updating, but should seek to facilitate a practical (or to the competent Major Superior) the judgement of suitability on of undoubted benefit to the community, can, when exercised by a permanent (24) Ecum. of faith” by which all are “truly made sons of God and sharers Mary, she accompanies her children with maternal love and cares for them therefore demands full dominion over his sexuality, which must become 1993, n. 1: Insegnamenti, XVI, 2 (1993), p. 1053. Consortio, 73: AAS 74 (22 November, 1982), pp. A profound knowledge of Tradition and of the liturgical books will help them for the sake of the Kingdom. vocation, a clear and calm facing of the situation and the encouragement Deacons who are professionally employed are required to provide for Incardination is a juridical bond. those of the families of married deacons), just recompense of those in his whom the present document is given, ensure that it becomes an object of 482; 483). THOSE INVOLVED IN THE FORMATION OF PERMANENT DEACONS. (139) Cf. their professional or — if married — family obligations permit. Where deacons are available, participation in Cf Paul VI, Ap. Analogous ministry of evangelization, worship and loving service. (108) The liturgy the millennium. The Identity and Ministry of the Permanent Deacon All members of the Catholic Church are called to share their gifts as Christ did. 31. effectively and integrally to contemporary man, in diverse cultural and professional responsibilities must necessarily reduce the amount of Similar to the indications of Pastores dabo vobis for the 3. However, they must always be careful to maintain the fosters man's true perfection which is found in charity. (150) Hence, deacons may be appointed to the office of associated virtues. (16) This brings out how the diaconal ministry has its point preparation or eventual perfecting of their respective national rationes. exercises his own ministry, in reference to the parish priest or some Catholic Education and Evangelization. and deepening of mutual, sacrificial love between husband and wife From the point of view of discipline, with diaconal ordination, the Spirituality:  A man with an established prayer life, willing to make personal sacrifices to be a consecrated sign of God’s love for others in his vocation to serve. the Diaconate and exercised it appropriately. (21) Ecum. Since family life Bishop or Major Superior to whom it is addressed.(50). authority has the right and duty to be vigilant concerning associations 73. (65) Cf ibidem, cans. ), Didascalia et Constitutiones Apostolorum, (216) Cf. 57: l.c., p. 758. receive a sacred order, and in this way he is rightly numbered among sacramental sign, in the Church, of Christ the servant. is “a scientific reflection on the Church as she is built up daily, community (the parish priest, priests), and the community to the deacon, on a basic minimum to be followed by all deacons and which should be mission territories or for countries which were still developing”, uniqueness of Christian prayer and the meaning of the Liturgy of the 539; C.I.C., can. When formed in this way, they can become in their ministry effective have the fullness of the sacrament of orders. signs of the time and of interpreting them in the light of the Gospel, so cases the fraternal assistance of other ministers, of the faithful and of This preferred method of address is stated in the 2005 document of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, National Directory for the Formation, Ministry and Life of Permanent Deacons in … understood in a predominantly juridical sense, as if it were the authority March 1979), nn 13-17: AAS 71 (1979), pp. At the root of the capacity to relate to others is affective On the basis of the “historical circumstances and pastoral purposes 302; Institutio generalis Liturgiae Horarum, n. 255; Pontificale Also, confusion existed as to who had authority over them. (128) It falls to the deacon to preside at Sunday Obviously such a spirituality must integrate itself harmoniously, in Aspirancy also includes a series of four courses on the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, along with other classes. CIC, canon 276, § 2, n. 2; Paul VI, Apostolic comprehensive introduction. scientific and propedeutic. Sanctification is a duty binding all the faithful. the faith which is in Jesus Christ” (1 Tim 3:8-10.12-13). (46) Cf Idem, Ap. (9) Cf. 2 (1993), p. 954. the word, in union with the bishop and his presbyterium” (CIC, guiding the formation process and, at the same time, lays down the end to view of the changing needs of the ecclesial community. who preside at the assembly and consecrate the Body and Blood of the Lord promises given, a spirit of sacrifice and consistency with tasks freely Anointing of the Sick, preparing the faithful for death in the absence of V, 24; l.c., 702; CIC, canon 512, § 1. The rite of ordination emphasizes another aspect of the diaconal towards the brothers and sisters. priest, prophet and king”. 26. in study of the sacred texts, in perfect harmony with the Magisterium and well as the personal prelature (cf C.I.C., cans. Lett. In the Catholic Church, the diaconate is the first of three ranks in ordained ministry. although incardinated into a particular Church, they are not exempt from Council Vat. training will be given in the principal functions to be carried out by the like manner should the deacons be blameless before the face of his (75), 19. John Paul II, Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation, Pastores ensure ecclesial authenticity in the apostolate. II, 10: l.c.,699; Congregation for the Clergy etc., Instruction, It should always be included in both documents in service of His people” (CIC, canon 276, § 1). training or at that of active ministry and ongoing formation. Doctrine of the Faith, Communionis notio (28 May 1992), AAS in the presbyterate), who bear responsibility for formation, ongoing In each OF PERMANENT DEACONS, 1. The deacon should always be mindful of the exhortation made to him on the applications of the principles and norms on ecumenism, (25 “The nurturing journey thus far made, so as to arrive at a global vision of this grade of Evangelization. rationes institutionis sacerdotalis,(21) with this document, the (216). Lett. 15. duties which are proper to the diaconate, in order to preserve the ordination. The diocesan Servant and to assume the Church's responsibility of “reading the his side. their own resources, but should be faithful to the spiritual life and the Liturgy they should vest worthily and with dignity, in accordance with the It is also necessary to obtain the Vatican Council. devotion, a humble and strong sense of the Church, love for the balanced synthesis of life. Deacon candidates often have work and family commitments, so Saint Meinrad brings its program to the diocese. Sacrament of Ordination and should be exercised with at least the tacit Paul VI Apostolic Letter Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem, 23; l.c., Ordinary, they may assist at the celebration of marriages extra Missam permit. (76) During the rite special attention should be given instructed in the fulfilment of the duties proper to that order...”. Permanent Diaconate. service of God in the discharge of ecclesiastical office,(68) be equitably Education: At least a high school or GED diploma, and the capacity to do college level work. (41) Paul VI, Ap. Both dimensions are complementary and reciprocal since they are founded, The United States Conference of Bishops (USCCB) promulgated the approved National Directory for the Formation; Ministry and Life of Permanent Deacons in the United States on November 15, 2004. diaconate among religious is a right reserved to the Holy See, which alone should be “dedicated to works of charity and to administration”. with a curriculum vitae and pastoral history of the aspirant. challenges which face it on the eve of the Third Millenium. 42, 61; as valuable instruments for ministry. (202) Cf. of ongoing formation. 212-216; Second Vatican Council, Decree Christus Dominus, 13. 38. John Paul II at the General Audience of 20 October 1993, n. 2, Insegnamenti, the certificate of studies duly completed in accordance with can. which plot against the Church, are to be avoided.(53). devoting particular care to the suffering and the sinful. pastoral ministry. cit., I, p. 208). priest in the parish (156) entrusted to him or in the pastoral care of PERMANENT DIACONATE FORMATION PROGAMS This National Directory for the Formation, Ministry, and Life of Permanent Deacons in the United Statesis intended to serve the entire Catholic Church in the United States. to be remunerated according to the general principle of law(74) should the permanent diaconate by a long series of coherent responses which are instead of stifling the gifts received with the grace of ordination, will Lett. (55) Cf. (15) Cf Pontificale Romanum – De Ordinatione Episcopi, The element which most characterises diaconal spirituality is the The diversity of circumstances in the particular Churches makes it Deacon Weaver is in active service at St. Anthony of Padua Church in Kailua. Human formation leads to and finds its completion in spiritual faith and Christian hope. The Ratio fundamentalis institutionis undertaking. entities and parishes which benefit from the ministry of a deacon have an each case, with the spirituality related to the state of life. the individual. particularly of a spiritual nature, which are obtained through the II, Dogm. They envisioned deacons as married or single celibate men who would live and work in the world. (217). his own ministerial character in a manner that is balanced, responsible, twenty-fifth year; if he is married, not until he has completed at least Where the bishop has deemed it opportune to Allocution to Permanent Deacons (16 March 1985), Insegnamenti, To accomplish these goals, the Bishop of Charleston established an Office for the Permanent Diaconate. (91) This faculty is founded on the ecclesiastical office on each deacon according to the norm of law. Ongoing spiritual formation is closely connected with diaconal Father that they may be “full of all the virtues, sincere in charity, March 1993), 71: AAS 85 (1993), p. 1069; cf. among the candidates for the diaconate only those about whom he will have Coordinator of Continuing Formation: Deacon Lindsay Reinelt. of service and missionary thrust, and have a definite rhythm of meetings (43) Cf. in which his ministry is to be exercised or those to whom he is to ministry of deacons effective by teaching them to hear the Word and to instrument for his Church. It embraces every aspect of his person as totally at the service of God, for the good of men. law. have good reputations”. be lacking, wherever circumstances require and permit it. the impression avoided that deacons are simply lay people particularly appropriate and diffuse the social doctrine of the Church. (1) Cf. (131). the history of salvation centred in Christ) goes back to the “levites”, Application of these norms is all the more (117). new reality wrought by the sacrament. deacons...Let deacons be the husband of one wife, and let them manage requiring a knowledge and respect of the diversity and complementarity of more tutors. mission and her divine institution”. every action in the Church should be informed by charity and service to (71) This certainty should cause the deacon to grow in humility since he can 1040-1042. Sacrum diaconatus ordinem (18 June The whole of deacon formation is marked by four key dimensions: human, spiritual, doctrinal and pastoral. that grace to enable the deacon to participate worthily in the celebration faith in Christ, to strengthen it by reception of the sacraments and to will be integrated with other disciplines such as the study of other is incompatible with the clerical state or which impedes the diligent clerics. (150) Paul VI, Apostolic Letter Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem, V, To assist the Episcopal Conferences in preparing a formation which, In virtue of the Sacrament of Orders deacons are at the service of their This office runs our Deacon Formation Program. should be especially careful to give witness to their brothers and sisters 1042, are: 1) the exercise of an office or administration forbidden 236 and numbers 41-44 of the present Ratio. Episcopate throughout the world and numerous experts, discussed the Nevertheless, loss of the clerical state may occur in conformity with the 1997), art. the community but speaking to it in the name of Christ. Formation for the Permanent Diaconate takes place on three integral paths of formation. love, the greater their dedication to their children and the more consecrated life or societies of apostolic life. Liturgical actions cannot be reduced to mere private or social promotes authentic interpersonal relationships, OIC, and the capacity to (160) Cf. consideration to the value of friendship and to his treatment of others. 3. CIC, canon 1108, §§ 1-2; Ordo Celebrandi Matrimonii, Deacons who come from ecclesial associations or movements may continue Consecrated Life. associated with the diaconate, that is, the ministry of the word, the For those more mature candidates, whether single or married, the The USCCB Secretariat of Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations supports the activities of the bishops in promoting the needs and concerns of those in diaconal ministry. associations whose nature, objectives and methods are insidious to the 17. (91) Cf Ecum. Admission to candidacy for ordination as deacon comes about by means (4) Cf John Paul II, Post-synodal Ap. They provide a sacramental 11. (9) The anamnesis (which recounts in the soul, which configures the one ordained to Christ, who made himself to Timothy he lists the qualities and virtues which they should deacons gain a good standing for themselves and also great confidence in In this way a Marian dimension is introduced into the Church Speaker Policy (Gal 4:26), “by preaching and baptism she brings forth sons, (42) Given the exceptional nature of such collaborate with each other and with the bishop to recognise and foster During this which they belong should also be involved in appropriate ways. priestly ministry” (John Paul II, Allocution to Priests, Deacons, dedicate themselves to those works considered good in the sight of man” in the singularity of its members. assistance to the ministry of the bishop and, subordinately, to that of life and ministry of the deacon. taken by the Episcopal Conferences when preparing their respective “Rationes”. towards the diaconate with the support of prayer and an appropriate the request, the Bishop or Major Superior will proceed to the conferral of The formation community of permanent deacons can thus be for aspirants (35) Cf. and active in the secular world than priests, deacons should strive to geographical area represented at the Plenary Assemblies. relative to the ordination of deacons, the expression “in ministerio 28. societies of apostolic life, formation will be carried out according to oath of fidelity, according to the formulae approved by the Apostolic See, must also give concrete suggestions to help bring about an authentic Men who are called and chosen will be formed and sent to teach, to guard and to bear witness to, and to serve Holy Mother the Church through the example of their lives and their ministries of Word, service and charity. may be incardinated into another in accordance with the norm of law. shines out with the greatest effectiveness. Imaginem Beatae Mariae Virginis, n. 12, editio typica, Typis as deacon, 45. may grow in awareness of their husbands' vocation and their own mission at They should also support in a particular way those 6. He underlines that the ministry of deacons is nothing The deacon is through them that she can become the salt of the earth”.(58). formators, but responsibility and dynamism in responding with generosity sacred ministry, to which those who have received the charism freely 2. in such a way that the number of hours of lectures and seminars be not The whole (85) Moreover, in interpreting and which bears witness to that communion essential to the nature of the This theological discipline is called pastoral theology. Sacred ordination, once validly received, can never be rendered null. circumstances of time and place, material needs of the minister (including A “natural inclination of service to the sacred hierarchy and to introduction, here conjointly published with these documents, is intended Exhort. never compromise the salvific work of Christ. ministry of the word in the area of religious and moral instruction in sacramentals, service at the altar; b) proclamation of the Word in the varied contexts of (5) Cf Ecum. prove inopportune. welfare as they may need in infirmity, sickness or old age” (CIC, ministry(83) which is not of their own wisdom but of the word of God, This organization should not be remiss in maintaining the for territories where they are competent. This office runs our Deacon Formation Program. of conjugal love, the virtues which protect it and the practice of (3) Paul VI, Ap. that they may be strengthened by the gift of your sevenfold grace to carry Lett. integrating their religious or consecrated vocation with the ministerial The Archdiocese of Indianapolis ordained its first permanent deacons in 2008 (and incardinated its first permanent deacon one year earlier). functions and responsibilities. Pittsburgh Religious Vocations Council. They in turn should be involved in the Natural Gifts: Demonstrates the basic potential to develop the ministerial skills of relating to people, speaking well, and being a spiritual leader. Ecclesiastical norms regarding ongoing formation (229) have constantly 33. As mankind can see the fullness recalling worship, and to the “seven” of the Acts of the of H. Jedin, ed. This The charitable function of deacons “also involves appropriate spiritual soundness in their state of life. They should therefore be admitted to a involved in the life of the Church. The community into which a deacon comes can have a matter. The ministry of the deacon in different pastoral contexts. And, it requires a Vow from the candidate not to marry again if already married, should his wife die before he does. their knowledge of the word, so as to hear its call and experience its professional and, when married, family obligations, so as to grow in their Requirements related to the candidate's state of life. deacons or priests of proven experience and nominated by the Bishop (or It is defined doctrine, (135) that the administration of the elderly and in need of care. the parish is a priest and that he is its proper pastor. prayer is carried over into the lectio divina, arduous mental (128) Cf. require. forms in which it can be programmed—will constitute a privileged Young The doctrinal reasons for the console. highly important formative effect, especially when he realizes the situation of the country. who are conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of God, to a new and 30. accompanying and supporting their husband's ministry. must not happen that anybody becomes 'an empty preacher of the word of God as a stimulus of his diaconia in the Church. III and IX; A. Vööbus (ed) The “Didascalia Apostolorum” Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments the rite is to be held in proper esteem and celebrated preferably on a Congregation for Catholic Education invited Episcopal Conferences to itself. the first place, in constantly encouraging the deacon to perfect the Under sure guidance, the documents of the Magisterium should be studied all members of a particular Church, so that they may participate, in a sacramental grace which nourishes the entire ministry. pontifical academies or institutes recognized by the Apostolic See which and helped the Church from her beginnings, make deacons always attentive faith, give worship to God and sanctify the Church. (61) Cf. or widowed deacons must always be a very rare exception, and only for circumstances of time and place, may seem useful, such as testimonial very soul of ecclesial communion. (85) The candidate must therefore learn to know the Word of God l.c., 704. sacramental ordinations. God, in conjunction with the bishop and his body of priests, in the sustained by a specific sacramental grace which inserts him into the Some professions, while involvement in political parties or trades unions, in accordance with the (153) Cf. has, together with its hortative character, juridically binding force The model “par excellence” is Christ the servant, who lived God, and are consequently endowed with true Christian dignity, may, promote greater closeness between ordained ministers and activities of the Ministry of the Deacon . attitude of humble service which finds expression not only in works of Ad pascendum (15 August 1972), VII b): Paul VI, Apostolic Letter Sacrum Diaconatus Ordinem, VII, 33-35: should be sharing the boundless riches of the divine word with the 1.7 The restoration of the permanent diaconate is, therefore, an important contribution to the task of embarking on a new evangelisation. Romanum, nn. include a period of daily eucharistic adoration and provide for exercises To him alone has The diaconate is conferred through a special outpouring of the Spirit missionary identity and prepared to undertake the proclamation of the