BAJAJ ALLIANZ TWO WHEELER INSURANCE ADD-ON COVERS The add-on covers with our Bike Insurance Policy offer an extra layer of protection for your bike and some added peace of mind for you. irrespective A soft copy will be available for download, and a printout of this document will serve as the original policy document. 1 Lakh coverage for the individual owner or driver of the automobile in case any unexpected eventuality occurs while he/she is driving, travelling, mounting or dismounting from the two-wheeler. While opting for 2 wheeler insurance, one has to choose between the comprehensive and third-party policy. You can sift through a number of policies, compare them and eventually choose one that complements your financial objectives. Insurance policy status can also be checked via VAHAN e-Services. Its discount percentage increases every year. They each have different offers based on the comprehensive policy cover. Received an iAAA rating from ICRA for 10th consecutive years. Notifications 11. Commercial Communication even though the content of the call may be for the purposes of explaining The bike insurance policy also covers the owner and will compensate in case of injuries due to bike accidents. In other words, the IDV of the two wheeler is inversely proportional to the age. ●  Existing policy number. Damage from stunts with the bike is not covered under the two wheeler insurance policy. The list of the garages where the insurance companies have their tie-ups to precede the cashless reimbursement is usually available at their websites in case of online bike insurance or their office one can enquire about them. List of documents needed are: Why Two Wheeler Insurance? If your bike breaks down in the middle of the road and you have no source to take it to the garage, contact us. As maximum policyholders are aware of the no claim bonus, where the bonus is given after two wheeler insurance. Before buying or renewing a policy, one should have complete knowledge of all the components in a two wheeler insurance policy and how they affect you directly or indirectly, to help you choose wisely. Yes. You can find your bike insurance policy number in the following ways: Checking the status of the two wheeler insurance policy has become a lot easier these days. products and services or solicitation and procurement of insurance business. Short term two wheeler insurance was valid in India till 2015. All you need to know. Policy With This Guide, Written By: Bajaj Allianz - Updated: 24th December 2020. ●  Driving license copy Driving your bike without Insurance is a punishable offence in the eyes of the law. Death or bodily injuries (caused to a third party) that result from an accident involving your two wheeler, All expenses incurred in accordance with our written consent, Any other driver driving the two-wheeler, but only with the consent of the third party two wheeler insurance policyholder, Personal authorized representative of any person who is entitled to protection under the policy, Personal accident cover for owner/driver directly connected with the insured vehicle, ➢      Permanent total disablement caused due to injuries. The range of the NCB is from 20% on the own damage premium and increases to 50%, with an increase at every consecutive claim-free year. Yes, to have a Personal Accident cover by a two wheeler driver and owner is mandatory. The time window to register and submit the claim intimation is 24 hours. and procurement of various insurance products and services of BAGIC. You can also visit your district RTO office to check all the details, including its policy status. After calculating the premium, the GST is applied at the end, including add-ons and all electrical and non-electrical accessories. After filling in the details, you will get the exact amount of the Insurance premium amount. Liability from when a third party is physically hurt from an accident. In case of failure in converting the two wheeler insurance policy within the time frame, you have to go through the entire process again. However, at the time of the next insurance policy renewal, the premium will be charged according to the revision in the third-party insurance policy. Yes, two wheeler insurance is needed to ride someone else’s bike because while riding the bike, if by chance you get into an accident, you won’t be eligible for an accident claim as you are not the registered user of the bike. Yes, the bike insurance policy can be cancelled during the policy year under the following circumstances: As compared to third-party bike insurance, the comprehensive insurance policy for bikes provides extensive coverage to the insurer, often the following are covered under comprehensive policies. Buying coverage for a bike which has been used over the years and is depreciated is considered as Old Two Wheeler Insurance. Lastly, the surveyor will form the case report and later submit to the company to proceed with the claim. Losses and Damages Suffered Due to Man-made Calamities. Policy and two-wheelers registration number. In this condition, the insurance company will be liable to pay for the loss of the insured even though he has not paid the full premiums. Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. All Rights Reserved, Sales: No doubt they get many incentives and concessions on loans but not in the insurance policies. When involved in an accident, your helmet is partially or damaged, the two wheeler insurance company will pay for the repair or replacement of the helmet damaged in the accident. Valid for the 1 claim annually or up to two claims in a two wheeler insurance policy term. The insurance provider will pay directly to the garage. In the case of a break-in, you can renew your break-in policy easily online, and it gets instantly activated. They are convenient yet prone to road accidents and damages. Provides financial protection against theft, fire accidents and natural calamities. Unsolicited In this case, the insured has to immediately inform the insurance company, and the latter will ask a surveyor to review the situation. I never had a problem with your service. Buying a bike insurance policy is rewarding because it gives you peace of mind. WEF August 1, 2020 the new two wheeler insurance policy covers will be implemented. If yes, make sure that you get the insurance transferred in your name within the 14-days of purchase. Self-calculation of your two wheeler insurance policy premium can be done and compared on a mobile device or desktop. A third party is also known as ‘act only’ insurance and is compulsory for everybody under two wheeler insurance. Yes, the premium will increase without applying the discount. ARAI stands for the Automotive Research Association of India. The long term coverage plans include two wheeler insurance policies for a maximum of three years. Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance policies can now be acquired with options to cover your vehicle for up to 3 years if you choose the package or comprehensive plan. No one has a say or control over nature. Overview Overview. In this type of two wheeler insurance, only third parties involved in the accidents are covered and compensated. It can be modified and changed by insurance companies only. This bonus under the ambit of a two wheeler insurance policy gives you a discount on the premium at the renewal of the bike insurance. Applicable on 3-year plans for 3rd-Party and Own Damage covers. Address proof documents (driving licence/passport/passbook). Avail priority services with two wheeler insurance from Bajaj Allianz authenticated garages across the country. Lower Your Two Wheeler Insurance I further declare that, irrespective of my contact number being When it comes to claiming a policy, the situation always seems a bit tricky, and one without complete knowledge can feel helpless. Thank you for your interest. Changes to bike insurance policy document can be made in the following circumstances. Our engine protection two wheeler insurance policy cover protects you in case of water ingression, gearbox damage, and lubricant leakage, among others. The pillion rider is considered a third party and will be covered under the terms and conditions of the insurance policy pertaining to an accident. The penalty of driving without two wheeler insurance is now fixed at INR 2000  and/or imprisonment for up to 3 months. 1800-209-1021, Agri Claims Figures may vary with terms or conditions: In the cases where the bike is totalled or stolen, IDV is the maximum amount an insured person can receive from the bike insurance policy. It can be yearly, for 2 years or 3 years. Check with our network garages for getting benefits of cashless claims. false. For this, the policyholder should contact the insurance company coordinators to make significant changes in the current two wheeler insurance policy. Without this add-on coverage, the claim is not provided to the insured. Read more. This bonus under the ambit of a two wheeler insurance policy gives you a discount on the premium at the renewal of the bike insurance. The steps for renewal of the bike insurance policy; 1. If the number of claims exceeds 3 a year, the insured will not get any security amount. It was … The policy can be renewed by visiting the branch of the insurance company and submitting the required documents. An injury is caused to yourself, regardless of whether or not it was sustained in a road accident. Comprehensive cover with 24x7 road assistance add-on. It also covers the cost and repairs of vehicle parts. :+91 75072 45858, Awarded Best Motor Insurance by Money Today, Get instant claim settlement within 20 minutes with Motor On the Spot service, Wide range of add on covers to enhance your policy. It not only keeps the motorcycle safe from any external damages but also secures it from any third party liabilities. A total constructive loss is also referred to as TCL. I hereby authorize Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. to call me on the contact number made available by me on the website with a specific request to call back at a convenient time. Two wheeler insurance is required to reduce the risk that generates from being on the road in general. Liability from when a third party is cancelled due to bike accident. OVERVIEW OVERVIEW. Our Bike Insurance Policy provides coverage against theft, burglary, riot, strike, terrorist activities, or accidents by external means. Reasons to Renew expired bike insurance are ; 1. call you back shortly to assist you through the Process. They only compensate for the affected third party only. Registering for the two wheeler insurance claims becomes very easy and without passing through the process manually. 1800-209-0144 (Toll Free), Pradhan If you become a victim to uncertainties, one can always seek a claim for the damages under the bike insurance policy. Law is the prime leading authority and can abide by the citizens. Reach out to us at our 24x7 toll-free helpline number 1800-209-5858 and we will be happy to help you. This is to avail of the discount from No Claim Bonus. In addition to this, you cannot expect to get coverage against depreciation, electrical damages, mechanical problems/breakdown, and damages incurred due to DUI, drugs usage and underage driving. Thank You for Your Interest in Bajaj Allianz Insurance Policy, A Customer Support Excecutive will Add-On cover means the additional coverage one buys to secure against various payments. In case the insured suffers injuries as a result of the accident and requires hospitalisation, the insured will be provided with a cash allowance to meet the expenses. The NCB can be availed, provided you show evidence that you are entitled to NCB from your previous insurance company. Very user friendly, easy to use and quick response on CHAT and completed the online process while chatting. The maximum amount accumulated in the no claim bonus is up to 50%. If involved in an accident, they won’t be compensated at all. No, even if there is a third-party premium revision during the currency of the policy, the additional premium will not be collected from the customer. App, List of products withdrawn and deemed withdrawn, Health Products Prior to 1st October 2020. The Two Wheeler policy covers you against damages that your bike or scooter may incur due to any unforeseen events. The premium for a two wheeler is discounted under the NCB discount rate every year. In case of damage to the motor vehicle, the add-on two wheeler insurance cover including consumable expenses will provide coverage for all types of motor vehicle oil, refrigerants, coolants, Why Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance? But the safety on the road is just as unpredictable as your next meal. Letter confirming the NCB entitlement from the previous insurance company. Tips to lower two wheeler insurance premium are: Two wheeler insurance is a basic requirement when purchasing a bike or other two-wheelers. Some of the most frequently used add ons are: Pradhan Indeed very easy to renew my 2 wheeler policy. The eligibility criteria differ between companies, and also between purchase and renewal. The person can use the money, the amount of bike insurance claim can differ under different circumstances. File a police complaint at the nearest police station immediately. If driving without a valid license, no losses will be compensated. The non-cashless reimbursement claim means the insured will pay first for the entire repair for the vehicle and submit the documents and bills to the insurance company. Protection against threats like fire, theft, accidents, etc. No Claim Bonus (NCB) is a reward given to the bike owner by the insurance company if they do not register any claim during the policy tenure. How to compare the best car insurance quotes. When involved in an accident, your helmet is partially or damaged, the two wheeler insurance company will pay for the repair or replacement of the helmet damaged in the accident. 5. Since it provides coverage against damages to a third party, this policy is more financially affordable and involves lower premium outgoes as compared to a more exhaustive vehicle insurance plan. While choosing for the best two wheeler insurance policy for your bike, also keep an eye on IDV being given in the policy, not just the payable amount. This rule has been scrapped in the new policy. This pillion rider cover under the bike insurance policy is beneficial when the secondary rider is injured in an accident riding with you. Life Goals Loading… About Us; NRI; Become An Agent; Careers; Contact Us; Life Assist App; Awards; Bajaj Group; Life Insurance Guide; Smart Assist; 11. Documents will be mailed to the registered email address. In order words, it is a two wheeler insurance plan designed to safeguard bikes manufactured … Also, make yourself familiar with the previous insurance history of the vehicle. Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance; OK Cancel. Benefits of Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance are: These are the main key benefits you can infer from your insurance policy. This pillion rider cover under the bike insurance policy is beneficial when the secondary rider is injured in an accident riding with you. The core guidelines stated in the new rules ask the general insurance companies to withdraw the long-term insurance packaged (3 to 5 years) on 3rd Party and Own-Damage Covers. Two-wheeler insurance also referred to as bike insurance or motorcycle insurance protects your two-wheeler from any damage or loss caused by accidents, fire, theft or natural disasters. For complete coverage, comprehensive bike insurance is most suitable. Fill the details asked and your previous policy information. With age and usage, the two wheelers depreciate. The premium charge is relatively high under this type of two-wheeler insurance. Contact your broker or agent who sold you the policy. The add on provides you 24*7 support in any roadside assistance situations. Just opt for the two-wheeler insurance facility online. The company is not liable to give the claim of the non-insured expensive accessories. Coverage is offered for accidents when you are driving the bike, traveling on it, mounting or dismounting from it. Log in to the official website of the insurance company. Everything is based on the benefits being accumulated and the lack thereof. Comprehensive cover and depreciation shield add on coverage. Check the two wheeler insurance online quote for the renewal premium for expired bike insurance. These are higher and differ for each Insurance Firm. Personal Accident Cover for Pillion Rider, The safety of a pillion rider is on you just like your safety itself. Exceeding 6 months but not exceeding 1 year, Exceeding 1 year but not exceeding 2 years, Exceeding 2 years but not exceeding 3 years, Exceeding 3 years but not exceeding 4 years, Exceeding 4 years but not exceeding 5 years. Now let’s talk about the special features and benefits that come with Bajaj Allianz two wheeler insurance … Read more. When the claim is registered against any damage. The two wheeler insurance company will cover only you for your bike, which is registered under your name. The documents proving the membership and installing the anti-theft devices in vehicles need to be submitted for availing of the discounts. These changes can be carried out by providing a written request to the insurer, e.g., request at Branch, request through customer service or customer service portal. It is also mandatory under law. And the good news here is that renewing your coverage is a breeze, considering our convenient online renewal portal. Do not move the vehicle in the accidental case if it can enhance the damage to your two-wheelers. Should you have only a third party insurance on your two-wheeler, you will not be eligible for a NCB, irrespective of whether you’ve made any claim within the policy period or not. After claiming for insurance, NCB is terminated, Proportional refund even after the policy claim, No effect on third party premium during the policy period, No impact on third party premium during the policy period. Due to these factors, the premium can increase as well as decrease every year. These can be selected by choice of the policyholder and the requirement of the policyholder. Otherwise, the settlement can take as long as 30-45 days. The company then pays the amount to the insured. A visit to a mechanical shop is excluded. Thanks. 1800-103-2529, 24x7 Roadside Assistance It provides the claim of the normal wear and tear of the vehicle, which causes the depreciation in its value. Two Wheeler Insurance Company: Cashless Garages: Third-Party Cover: Personal Accidental Cover: Incurred Claim Ratio: Policy Term(Minimum) Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance: 4500+ Yes: Rs. Immediately after the accident, the insured is accountable for reporting to the police as soon as possible. Yes, you can replace a new vehicle in your current two wheeler insurance policy. In this case, an inspection of the bike will be done along with the document verifications. These all are benefited in a single policy, and the additional add ons are also applicable at an extra premium cost. Zero depreciation in the bike insurance policy is the add-on cover which has to be purchased at an extra premium cost. It is the amount decided by the insured himself. The documents required are: Once these documents and the transfer charges are submitted, the insurance company will start the transfer process. Amount deducted is discounted in the policy. I never had a problem with your service. With the working burden and stress, it's not easy to visit an agent every time you need to renew your policy. No, there is no such concession offered to the members of the Automobile Association of India in the insurance premiums. Bajaj Allianz Long Term Two Wheeler Insurance Policy; OK Cancel. That’s the reason why we’ve designed our online two wheeler insurance purchase and renewal process to be convenient and not eat into your time. If a policyholder does not seek a claim on the two wheeler insurance policy, the percentage of the bonus is increased with each passing year. There are many choices when it comes to a two wheeler insurance policy, but a third party cover is mandatory in India. The third-party cover is mandatory by the IRDA, and the premium for it is fixed by the IRDA as well. Reimbursement claims work in the same fashion as the majority of insurance claims do. In some cases, if you have had a bike insurance policy for another bike in your name, you can also transfer the NCB to the existing insurance policy. The vehicle is also protected against any damage caused by theft, fire, accidents, riot, explosions, and damage caused due to natural disasters such as landslides, floods, earthquakes, storms, etc. As maximum policyholders are aware of the no claim bonus, where the bonus is given after two wheeler insurance. Long term two wheeler insurance policy is not necessary for new bikes bought after 2018. This type of two wheeler insurance cover can be coupled with comprehensive bike insurance or long term two wheeler insurance policy. Motor Two Wheelers Third Party liability is mandatory to everyone owning two-wheelers, under Motor Vehicle Act, 1988. Consider these steps while buying insurance online: Steps to buying two wheeler insurance online are: 1. Life insurance plans from Bajaj Allianz Life - get all types of life insurance plans - ULIP Plans, Term Insurance Plans, Pension Plans etc., at affordable premiums to get your Life Goals Done. Passport size photographs of the new owner. 3. No add ons are available in the third party two wheeler insurance policy. Add ons are the additional, but chargeable benefits covered under the comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. Bikes may be the easiest, but they are one of the most dangerous modes of transportation. Other factors leading to inspection are: Once the inspection request is raised online, the inspection will occur within 24 to 48 hours, followed by an online recommendation made by the surveyor to the owner. Two wheeler Insurance covers you financially when accidents cause damage to the vehicle by paying for the repairs. Factors considered when buying two wheeler insurance policy are: When you buy a new two wheeler, you want it to be safe and work for a long time without costing you too much in maintenance and repair costs. The documents required from you will be as below: ✓    In case of Injury/death - Documents (hospital bills, treatment expense invoice) in relation to the injury will be required. There are mainly two types of two wheeler insurance in India. A zero depreciation cover under the two wheeler insurance policy has proven to be useful when it comes to a claim settlement. Still, in case of getting a claim, generally, the liability to them is covered under specific add-on covers. The claim process is as follows – You would first have to register your claim with Bajaj Allianz. The discount at the premium is more beneficial than availing the claim for the bare minimum. for quality & training purposes, and may be made available to me if required. This amount is calculated on several bases like the model, city one rides it in, add-on covers, electrical/ non-electrical accessories, registration date, etc. It is best to have the bike insurance in your name as it can protect you from all financial liabilities. Based on the above two types of covers, there are three types of Comprehensive two wheeler insurance with its beneficial features: Every two wheeler insurance policy covers different aspects. Factors to consider before Insuring an old bike are: Documentation record is the base of the bike insurance online. Once registered, a reference claim number will be received, and the insured person will be updated via SMS. products/services and or my making a request to call me back, it is deemed that I have expressly authorized In case no Nominee is listed in the policy, the policy will be transferred to the legal heir. Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance Bajaj Allianz bike insurance policy is designed for those who like to enjoy a sense of freedom and security with their two-wheelers. There is no limit to the amount of several add-ons covered one wants to purchase with one's insurance policy. Fill in all the columns and details regarding the accident, vehicle number, driver's license, RC copy, copy of Insurance policy, etc. +91-124-6174720, Extended Warranty A soft copy of the policy will be sent to your registered email address, and the policy will be completely active after a few days from the date of payment. Driver details - The person availing the policy … Every year one had to renew their two-wheeler insurance. Also, the two wheeler insurance premiums can change depending on the registration zone as metropolitans have a higher premium rate than the rest of the country. You will be issued a duplicate copy of your policy. You also do not have to worry about the exceptionally high costs that may arise due to … You can always check your claim status by providing your claim reference number with customer care. calls will be recorded & monitored for quality & training purposes, and may be made available to You can now view, print, or download your bike insurance policy online. +91-124-6174720, Extended Warranty Bajaj Allianz Two Wheeler Insurance is one of the main products offered by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance. Pay the amount to complete the transaction, and your bike insurance policy is renewed.