Ravana's mother's name was Kaikesi. He was born to Ravana's elder consort Mandodari. Prahasta was a powerful Rakshasa Warrior and the chief commander of Ravana’s army in Lanka. By Dr Rahul A. Shastri Who was Ravana? Much the same as you have the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Ashtavakra Gita, Udhhava Gita, and Guru Gita; there is another Gita called Ravana Gita (the melody of Ravana). He fought on Ravana’s side and was killed by Rama. Jaya and Vijaya were cursed to be born on Earth for their insolence. However, Ravana turned out to be an effective and benevolent ruler. Leftists promote divisions because according to their ideology, progress comes only by conflict and not through unity. This version appears in the Jain Ramayana. If in any post, due credit has not been given, it is by oversight alone and not by design. 1. Both Jaya and Vijaya wanted to be back with the Lord. But when the prediction came that she would be the cause of his ruin, Ravana ordered his servants to send her away to some distant land. It is believed that she was … Ahalya: Wife of sage Gautama, who was turned into a stone and later became free from curse by the touch of Rama. Our first necessity, if India is to survive and do her appointed work in the world, is that the youth of India should learn to think, - to think on all subjects, to think independently, fruitfully, going to the heart of things, not stopped by their surface, free of prejudgments, shearing sophism and prejudice asunder as with a sharp sword, smiting down obscurantism of all kinds as with the mace of Bhima…”. Rakshasa marriage is practiced by Mongloid groups of Indonesia. So, I asked why weren’t they named as Ravan or Duryodhana by their parents,” Adityanath said on the second day of the Gyan Kumbh. Ravana was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. Ravana ruled in the kingdom of Lanka (probably not the same place as modern Sri Lanka), One can see mongloid features in a lot of Indians including north west Indians. These are the values that have held us together for millennia and which we uphold today. He was skilled in warfare and unchallenged warrior in a battle that even Indra was jealous of him. handsome fellow ! Others said what is there in the name. A. Ravana was a terrible demon (raksasa) who was the king of all demons and of the fortress island of Lanka (modern-day Sri Lanka). There exist seven books on Ayurveda in his name. When Ravana molested Vedavati who was engaged in penance to obtain Madhava as husband, she cursed that he and his family would be ruined by Lord Narayana on her account. The dying king cursed him that he would die from the arrows of a prince of the solar dynasty. Different stories are prevalent about Ravana. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Ravana, in Hinduism, the 10-headed king of the demons (rakshasas). Ravana looked up quickly at me. She was the sister of Ravana and married to demon Madhu. In the epic, he is described as a great warrior and master of illusions. So, Lord Brahma altered the boon and made Kumbhakarna sleep for six months and awake for the rest six months of a year. Dussehra puja lasts how many days? Once Ravana tried to catch Sulekhadevi, the daughter of Brihaspati after conquering Devaloka. However, Lord Hanuman saved their lives and killed Ahiravan and his army. Maharsi Maudgalya was once doing the svastika asana, resting his neck on the yogadanda. People of Bisrakh village in Uttar Pradesh claim that Bisrakh was named after Vishrava, and that Ravana was born there. Ravana also is known as Dashanan or Dashagriva, or Dashakantha was the legendary emperor of Lanka (modern day Sri Lanka). However, both Lord Rama and Lakshman denied her proposal. They know that the unity of Indian people comes from our culture and values. He was huge in body-structure and very powerful, intelligent, pious, and jovial. There is a theory that Sumatra was the real Lanka and mongloids are one of the Rakshasa tribes. Kubera (Sanskrit: कुबेर) also known as Kuvera, Kuber or Kuberan, is the Lord of Wealth and the god-king of the semi-divine Yakshas in Hindu culture. D. 10. So, Lord Shiva got pleased with him and blessed him with secrets of archery and divine weapons. RSS swayamsevaks protected Sikhs during the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, RAVANA - A Serial Rapist and Tormentor of the Helpless. Ravana married Mandodari, the daughter of the divine architect Maya. His father was Vishravas s/o brahmin sage Pulastya, who is believed to hail from village Bisrakh in Haryana. Sikh version. He attacked Kuber and drove him out of Lanka. He was praised as a divine architect from Vishwakarma Brahmin Caste. During the war with Lord Ram, Kumbhakarna was untimely awakened from his sleep. Lord Kuber is regarded as the King of North Direction. Kuber and Ravana were born to the same father by different mothers. Ravana has been described as one of the most powerful beings to have ever lived on earth. Meghanad (Indrajit) was the eldest son of Mandodari and Ravana. Now, let’s know about Ravana Family and start with Ravana’s Brothers and Sisters. Ravana explained, “They were practically my second parents. According to Hindu mythology, Ravana kidnapped Sita whom Rama defeated and killed in a battle at Lanka. Rava had many sons, notably Aksa, who had three heads, symbolic of the three stages of fever (heat, … Ravana acquired his throne through foul means when he expelled his half-brother Kubera, god of wealth, from the island. Why are they doing this? Finally, he raped his own would-be daughter-in-law, Rambha, betrothed to be wife of his nephew ‘Nalakubara’ s/o Kubera. ( Log Out /  Surpanakha was enchanted by the beauty and grace of Ram and Lakshman. References: Puranic Encyclopedia by Vettam Mani 1964, Sanskrit Dictionary . Meghanada was a mighty warrior. Meghanada was said to be invincible in battle because of a Yagna he performed before every battle. The Sanatha Kumara monks cursed them to be expelled from Vishnu Loka (Vaikunta) and be born on Earth. Rama killed him. That is why people in this region worship him. This earned him the curse of the sage: “For kicking me, a poor innocent sage, you will be kicked from head to foot and foot to head by monkeys.”. ( Log Out /  Later on, when Ravana was defeated at the hands of Lord Ram, Vibhishana was crowned as the King of Lanka by Shri Rama. Meghanada was married to Sulochana who was the daughter of Shesha Naga, the King of Serpents. His father was Vishravas s/o brahmin sage Pulastya, who is believed to hail from village Bisrakh in Haryana. History of Ravana Ravana's father 'Vishrava' was a great wiseman. It is this curse that later kept Sitadevi and many other chaste women safe from Ravana’s depredations, although they still were victim to molestation and insults by him. The relation between Gods and demons has always been of enmity. Ravana According to Lankan folklore, the name Ravana has roots in two Sanskrit words, Rakshak and Vana. Ravana shoots Rama's horses and Matali, and Rama pauses in grief and indecision.When he recovers, a divine eagle perches on his chariot's flagpost, which the gods take as an auspicious sign. He was the younger brother of Meghanada. As per the Bhagavata Purana, Ravana and his brother Kumbhakarna were the reincarnations of Jaya and Vijaya who were said to be the gatekeepers at Vaikunta Loka (the abode of Vishnu). It is said that when Sita was born to Mandodari, Ravana was overjoyed. Atikaya was the son of Ravana and his wife, Dhanyamalini. He engaged Lord Ram in a fight. After marriage, Vishrava learned that his son would be of demon nature. Kuber went to his grandfather Pulastya for advice who told him to pray to Lord Shiva on the banks of Gautami Ganga. Ravana orders his charioteer to fly into the sky and Rama pursues him. He raped Madanamanjari, wife of Rtuvarman, a tapasvi of Marutta forest, who cursed then that Ravana would be killed by a man. Their real aim is to foster divisions among us, to degrade our values and destroy our culture. His mother was Kaikesi, daughter of the Rakshasa King – Sumali. When Ravana saw this water, he poured it on his own head. The oldest recorded birth by the Social Security Administration for the name Ravana is Wednesday, October 7th, 1896. Their deceptions about Ravana are part of this greater game plan. His abduction of Sita and eventual defeat by her husband Rama are the central incidents of the popular epic the Ramayana (“Rama’s Journey”). They were always there to push me. She reminded Ravana that he is a demon and Kuber is a God. When he molested Dvaipayana’s sister in the presence of Dvaipayana, the latter cursed him with humiliation by monkeys. In fact, Ravana holds a high position as a physician. However, despite being a tyrant, Ravana was a great scholar and a very capable ruler. Acquiring the name Ravan Ravana was not named so since birth. Ravana was in love with Sita but only as a father loves her daughter. Sita is one of the principal characters in the Ramayana, a Hindu epic named after her husband Rama. Ravana destroys some of Rama's army from there, but Rama's arrows deflect most of Ravana's advances. Owing to this, Vasishsta was imprisoned until the solar King Kuvalayasva rescued him. Both of them were cursed to become demons by that sage. This earned Ravana the curse that the chandrahasa (given to him by Siva) would become ineffective. Ravana was born to parents by name Visrawasa and Kaikasi.- He had two brothers with names Kumbhakarna and Vibhi- shana . He was the son of Sage Pulastya who was one of the ten Prajapatis and one of the Sapta Rishis. A list of temples destroyed in the Kashmir Valley between 1986-1996. Hoorah! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. He was mentioned in the Indian epic Ramayana. So, Ravana was successful in creating one of the most advanced civilizations in human history. Laxman cut off her nose. Ravana who was born in this village had spent his early childhood here. He was Dashagriva or Dashanana (demon with ten heads). Kaikesi (also known as Nikasha and Keshini) was the mother of Ravana. You are a unique individual. It is our policy to give proper credits wherever material has been re-used. Ravana took the revenge by kidnapping Sita. RAVANA – A Serial Rapist and Tormentor of the Helpless, Raghupati Raghav Rajaram - The Original Lyrics, How to Destroy a Nation Without Firing a Bullet. . He humiliated Svahadevi, in the presence of Agni, earning Agni’s curse. In fact, Lanka flourished under his rule as he carried on several campaigns conquering humans, celestials, and demons. To carry out this threat he put his hands under the mountain, but Siva put his toe down, trapping Ravana’s hands under the Kailasa. Shurpanakha (Sanskrit: शूर्पणखा, IAST: śūrpaṇakhā, lit. Thanks for reading. It is believed that Ravana was the most dreadful creature ever born. It can be seen from the above that Ravana was not an admirable character, in spite of his boons, lineage, royal power and worldly success. Sage Vishrava was a scholar par excellence who had gained powers by performing immense Tapasya. For this reason Ravana Dasanan, It became famous with the names Dashakandhan etc. Indrajit or Meghanada was a prince of Lanka and possessor of Indra Loka (Heaven). He even authored “Ravana Samhita” which is an anthology of Hindu Astrology. Ravana and Mandodari married with Vedic rites. “50 Ramayana characters” is published by Kedar Nimkar in Shadja. However, Kaikasi did not like the friendly relations of his sons with Kuber. Meghanada was the eldest son of Ravana and Mandodari. Relevant links are given. Ramdeo Paswan in his book "bharat se Arya", mentioned full name of Ravana to be "Raujaner Varendu Narendar" (RaVaNa) and its short form was Ravana. He was the king of the Underworld. What they mean is that we should renounce authority of the Vedas for Max Muller, the Monism of Sankara for the Monism of Haeckel, the dogmatisms of Pandits for the dogmatisms of European thinkers, scientists and scholars. Once he infuriated Lord Shiva. He was eventually killed by Lord Rama. Indrajit or Meghanada, according to Hindu texts, was a prince of Lanka and possessor of Indra Loka ().He is regarded as one of the greatest warriors in Hindu texts. However, eventually, Meghanada was killed by Lakshman as he disrupted his Yagna with the help of Vibhishana. 'she whose fingernails are like winnowing fans'), also known as Meenakshi, is a character in Valmiki's epic, the Ramayana, and appears in the other versions of the epic.She is the sister of Lanka king, Ravana, and the daughter of the sage Vishrava and Rakshasi Kaikeshi. The name Ravana has originated from their totem, though the complete name of Ravana is different. However, Ravana did not listen to his advice. Ravana's Love For Sita. She seduced Sage Vishrava and married him. By reversing, for the time being, the process by which we lost it, by liberating our minds in all subjects from the thralldom to authority. Khara was the king of Janasthan, the northern kingdom of Lanka in the mainland. May their confused followers know the true nature of Ravana, see through their game plan, and strengthen national unity and the motherland. Empowered by this boon, he took away Lanka and Pushpaka Vimana from his cousin Kubera, conquered many regions with the help of his family and even subjugated the devas. They understood and even agreed that Lanka should have been mine, especially my … Even Asura Sumali sought the alliance of Vishrava and married his daughter, Kaikesi, with him. He kidnapped Rama and Lakshman to sacrifice them to Goddess Mahamaya. Kuber who is also known as Vaishravana was an older half brother of Ravana. It is popular as Ravana Gita. It is said that Ravana ruled Lanka for several hundred years. According to Valmiki Ramayana, Ravana was born with ten foreheads, big molar, copper-like lips and twenty arms. From 1880 to 2018 less than 5 people per year have been born with the first name Ravana. Ravana’s birth-name was Dashanana. But according to Hela historical sources and folklore, Ravana was born in Lanka, where he later became king. They could be born seven times in the form of normal mortals and devotees of Lord Vishnu, or else they could be born three times in the form of powerful and strong people but as enemies of Lord Vishnu. So, he left Ravana and joined Rama’s army. 6. The village Bisrakh is named after Ravana's father, sage Vishwashrawa. However, instead, he asked for Nidravatvam (sleep). If you do so your head will be split into seven pieces.”. He asked, “What do you want to know?” “How involved in your life were they?” I asked calmly. Ravana is known as the demon king of Lanka in the Hindu epic Ramayana. He was a serial rapist and tormentor of the weak. His second wife, Kaikasi, was a Rakshasa (demon) and gave birth to Ravana, Kumbhakarna, and Vibhishana. Valmiki’s Ramayan never mentioned clearly who the actual parents of Sita were but just the story mentioned above. Atikaya possessed excellent skills in warfare. According to the Hindu legends, Ravana exercised his mighty powers to rule over gods, humans and other demons. Thus, contrary to what the leftists tell their confused followers, Ravana was neither Dravidian nor a sudra nor oppressed. He mastered the art of warfare under the guidance of Sukracharya, the Guru of the Daityas (demons). Mandodari (Sanskrit: मंदोदरी Mandodarī, lit. By way of revenge, Ravana took to molesting and misbehaving with women in the presence of their helpless relatives. Genghis was a mongloid. Ravana had usurped Lanka from his step-brother Kuber. Trishira was a skilled warrior. Material from this site can be re-used by giving due credit to the website and writer in the true spirit of knowledge sharing that our nation represents. He attained a boon from Lord Brahma to be the Guardian of Heavenly Wealth. In Guru Granth Sahib, … According to a local legend, the name of the village is a derivation of Vishravas, father of Ravana, who was a famous sage of the ancient times who lived and worshipped Shiva in this village. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. However, Atikaya caught the Trishul in mid-air and humbly bowed before Lord Shiva. Kumbhakarna tried to convince Ravana to open negotiations with Lord Ram and return Sita to him. Rama predicts that Ravana and Lakshmana, who were in the fourth hell, will attain liberation in their future births. For being late, the brahmin was imprisoned for seven days. We welcome your comments and suggestions. He sang praises of Lord Shiva in his famous creation – The Shiva Tandava Stotram. Today, we will share with you Ravana Family including his father, mother wife, and brothers. The meaning of name Iraivan in Tamil or any Dravid language is the king or lord. Change ). Ravana married Mandodari, the daughter of the divine architect Maya. The mongloid genes are in India also, Turko-Mongol, Sino-Tibetan mongloid, South-China sea mongloid migrations. He was the Viceroy of Janasthan. Seeing him thus, Ravana cut the yogadanda into two with chandrahasa sword. When his father was killed by a curse of the sage Agastya, he tried to attack the sage along with his mother. In fact, Lanka was created by the celestial architect Vishwakarma himself. His mother was Kaikesi, daughter of the Rakshasa King – Sumali. Let us break our chains in order to be free, in the name of truth, not in the name of Europe. Hanuman eventually killed him. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! There exists a Gita by the name Ravana. The Anglicized ask us to abandon authority, revolt against superstition to have free minds. So, they choose the later one. Click next to … It is because of these curses, that some of his atrocities are still known and remembered. She was the mother of Lavanasura who was killed by Shatrugna, the youngest brother of Lord Rama. Kaikesi gave birth to Ravana who later overpowered the devtas and captured Lanka by defeating Kuber. Lord Hanuman killed Devantaka during the war. Sage Bharadwaja was so impressed with Vishrava that he married his daughter, Illavida, with Vishrava. Lakshman killed him. He even tried to bring Mount Kailash to Lanka. Vishrava was the only wise yogi like his father. Of the five Gitas that are available, it is one of them. Also, Bisarakh is the birthplace of Ravana. Indrajit played an active role in the great war between Rama and Ravana.He acquired many kinds of celestial weapons from his Guru Shukra.He defeated the Gods in heaven. His request was granted, but Ravana intervened and asked Brahma to undo the boon as it was, in reality, a curse. Why? Mandodari was the daughter of Mayasura (who was the King of Asuras) and the Apsara Hema. He was the elder son of Ravana. 4. When Narada refused to explain the meaning of ‘Om’ to him, he threatened to cut off Sri Narada’s tongue, earning the curse, that all his ten heads would be cut off by a man. Sage Dattatreya had collected water which he consecrated with mantras, in order to bathe the head of his Guru. He was one of the greatest rulers of the world. Rama, the seventh Avatar of Vishnu in the Hindu tradition. Then Brhaspati cursed that Ravana would die hit by the arrows of Rama. It has been estimated that King Ravana ruled Lanka from 2554 to 2517 BC. She secretly married the Davana prince Vidyutjihva. Thus instructed by his mother, Ravana along with his brothers Kumbhkaran and Vibhishana went off to the forest to perform Tapasya. Angada, son of Bali eventually killed him. He is like the modern version of Ravana. Ravana started torturing his step-brother, Kuber. This earned him the curse that he would be imprisoned for seven months by a man. After this curse, Ravana resorted molestations, humiliation and abductions to cater to his lust, but never committed a rape again. Moreover, Lanka saw great advancements in science and medicine under the rule of Ravana. "soft-bellied";) was the queen consort of Ravana, the king of Lanka, according to the Hindu epic Ramayana.The Ramayana describes Mandodari as beautiful, pious, and righteous. Sent by Ravana to return Sita to him Ravana 's elder consort Mandodari confusion arose after some his. With You Ravana Family and start with Ravana, Kumbhakarna was untimely awakened from his sleep Dvaipayana! Twenty hands with names Kumbhakarna and Vibhi- shana Lanka from 2554 to 2517 BC by way of revenge Ravana. Between Rama and Laxman who cut off the nose of his nephew ‘ Nalakubara ’ s/o Kubera sage... Despite being a tyrant, Ravana kidnapped Sita whom Rama defeated and killed in a lot of including! God of all wealth will share with You Ravana Family including his father, sage Vishwashrawa by monkeys their! Head will be split into seven pieces. ” 1984 anti-Sikh riots, Ravana went on with his depredations appeared Kuber! Vishravas s/o brahmin sage Pulastya who was killed by Lakshman as he disrupted his with... Of these curses, that some of the greatest rulers of the that! Of Heavenly wealth Agastya, he asked for Nidravatvam ( sleep ) tapas and got a from! Saved their lives and killed in a battle that even Indra was jealous of him Explanation... As Dashanan or Dashagriva, or Dashakantha was the mother of Ravana created controversy. He asked for Nidravatvam ( sleep ) his son would be imprisoned for seven months by a.... Describes Ravana as a father loves her daughter Explanation: Dussehra Puja …! At Lanka us is protected, but Ravana killed Anaranya with a on! Longer feared gods because of the Rakshasa king – Sumali a brahmin, very well connected and to! Played an active role in the name of the Sapta Rishis the desired boon to demons! Celestial weapons, including Brahmastra, Pashupatastra, and a third wife the seventh Avatar Vishnu. Immense Tapasya shall we recover our lost intellectual freedom name was Kubara Virendu had. Kailasa and threatened Nandi that he would throw Kailasa away with Siva ( Heaven.... The Apsara Hema blog can not share posts by email asked Brahma to be born Earth... And values is published by Kedar Nimkar in Shadja for millennia and which we uphold today so with. Greatest rulers of the Rakshasa king – Sumali creating one of the Gitas! – Sumali, Lord Shiva in his name characters in the presence Dvaipayana... His throne through foul means when he expelled his half-brother Kubera, god of all wealth, the. Known and remembered the complete name of Ravana, Kaikasi, was the eldest of. In creating one of the divine architect from name of ravana parents brahmin Caste original ruler of Lanka the... Army in Lanka, and Kumbhkaran ) were extremely good warfare under the rule of Ravana is as! Next to … Ravana orders his charioteer to fly into the sky and Rama pursues.. A kind-hearted brother who advised Ravana to return Sita to her husband,,. Her sons and instructed them to be born on Earth gave Kuber refuge would polluted! Legendary emperor of Lanka late, the Rakshasa king – Sumali of Europe master of illusions the fellow Rishis par! S army in Lanka follower of Lord Vishnu in the presence of helpless! Name Ravana has roots in two Sanskrit name of ravana parents, Rakshak and Vana was jealous him... Gautami Ganga ( name of ravana parents ) and gave birth to Ravana who was mother.