Surprisingly, there are probably more ways to heat a grow tent than you might think. 3 WAYS TO HEAT YOUR CANVAS TENT. If you’re having trouble finding them, the best spot to find rocks is usually close to a stream or a river. This can be a tricky part but you must also keep good ventilation inside your tent to avoid condensation and dampness. They are healthier and practical, with the absence of flame, you’ll have peace of mind from black marks caused by the candle flames when they are burnt. I left out some other ways to heat a tent such as heating up rocks etc. Put spruce branches or dry grass on the top of the earth where the tent will stand. Find some stones around your camping area. You can use the following to heat your tents during winter camping the safest way: You may have heard about the risk involved using propane a canopy heater. unlimited fuel (only if camping in a wooded area), heat is radiant, dry and reduces condensation, clean (smoke while polluting is considered a natural process by most), minimal weight (there are ultralight options available), takes effort to chop wood (for most outdoor enthusiasts this is part of experience so not a con), must run stove at peak performance to avoid creosote buildup, must have access to larger logs for longer burning time, concept simple but takes some skill to implement, difficult to implement in rainy conditions, extremely efficient (half a gallon diesel heats a tent all night), second battery needed to run (needs a lot of power to start), needs to be installed on something (can buy large self contained unit though), diesel fuel smells really bad if spilled (not easy to transport), mainly radiant heat (not effective for heating a large area), can make condensation worse inside the tent (burning propane releases water vapor into your tent). After an hour of waiting, remove the rocks using a stick or heavy gloves. That way you can easily determine whether you will need a larger one or a small tent heating process. Thermal blankets are not just emergency camping gear but you can use these resources to reflect the heat from your catalytic heater going down to you instantly. Naturally, you need to keep spare batteries on hand. For many of these methods it is important to familiarize yourself with the safety risks involved. As you want to maintain a good temperature, it is essential to know what may be life-threatening and safe for you. If you are wanting to extend your camping season into the colder months, than some may want to consider finding a good and safe way to heat their tent. This method can heat the tent even faster than the water bottles, but there’s a catch. Here are some tips on how to safely heat your tent without the use of electricity: Catalytic Heaters These are lightweight and have the ability to heat your tent with ease. We’ve listed below our favorite ways to stay warm in your tent, no matter the weather. Even if small damp of fabric that will touch your skin will have a great heat loss during the night. You can create a basic heat exchanger by running a pipe through the center of the heated log and into your tent. Thermals / long-johns are one of the best ways to retain heat comfortably. See recommended Portable Generators for Camping. Four or five will be enough for a small tent, ten or fifteen for a medium-size tent. However, that heat won’t do you any good if it keeps escaping through the tent’s seams and openings. Give us a call today at 1-716-832-8368 and we’ll be happy to help you figure out how to heat a party tent with Tent and Table’s impressive catalog of outdoor heaters. Camping Stove. They are portable and small, so it's easy to carry. Never underestimate the warming power of a good hot coffee. Required fields are marked *. It is one of the safest ways to stay warm while staying outdoors in a cold winter season. I have a full in depth review of the UCO Candle lantern including heating a tent. Take advantage of these tips for security and protection against harsh weather conditions. For most outdoor enthusiasts, inclement weather conditions will never stop adventures from conquering new boundaries. There are different ways on how to heat your tents safely and properly during camping. Since you will be using an electric candle heater, there is no need to check for the lifespan of your candle from time to time. If you are snow trekking in winter putting your stove and equipment on a sled is an effective way to travel through the snow.