280, 12157. 80824). 12768). Karen Dulong • 21 Pins. A 19 cm SL female specimen from the Philippines was found ripe (Ref. Migrated into Lake Mainit via the Tubay River, Mindanao (Ref. This recipe also works well with other fish like bangus, salmonete, dulong (silver fish) and even with pork like paksiw na lechon. 12768). Recorded from Candaba Swamp and Pampanga River (Ref. Beauty. A young dugong remains close to its mother for about 18 months, sometimes catching a ride on her broad back. There were 69 specimens (2.92-5.56 cm SL) that were collected from Busuanga Island, Paugauron River, Port Caltour (Ref. 12740). 109918). 280, 13446) and Lake Lanao (Ref. Collected from FAC Circular tanks, Munoz Nueva Ecija as specimen of living fish museum (Ref. 48328). 80824), hauled with gobies. 5.10 cm TL male/unsexed ;7.00 cm TL female. But those were technically incorrect post titles. Museum specimens collected in 1984 from various localities, LRS-84141 (Ref. 94476. In recent years, the tuyo, formerly a poor man’s meal, has been elevated to gourmet level. Migrated into Lake Mainit via the Tubay River, Mindanao (Ref. Specimens were collected in 1993 from Kiga creek, Lagu Lagu creek, a small creek in Guadalupe, Leyte and from Sohoton Cave, Basey River, Samar (Ref. Besides, fish found in the Dulong River is another favorite food of the Dulong people. Prep Time 10 … Type locality, the Malabang River in Mindanao (Ref. Luzon, BMNH 1933.3.11.168; FMNH 40593-40596; CAS-SU 36832 (Ref. 050862). Museum: Luzon, Lagonoy Gulf, USNM 184602. In a bowl, combine flour, cornstarch, salt and ground pepper. 40966). 2929). Also Ref. Class. The smaller the fish fry, the more solid were the resulting fish cakes. 7223), Lake Naujan (Ref. Speckled tonguesole (English), Maladpalad (Agutaynen), Dapa (Bikol), Palad (Bikol), Palad (Cebuano), Kulampira-bato (Chavacano), Pad-pad (Davawenyo), Speckled toungesole (English), Palad (Hiligaynon), Ararali (Ibanag), Palad (Kuyunon), Kulampira (Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug), Dapang sinilas (Tagalog), Dapang tsinelas (Tagalog), Dali dali (Visayan), Malad-palad (Visayan), Pahot (Waray-waray), Palad (Waray-waray). Seafoods and fishes are at its best and freshest in the afternoon - - which is actually good news for insomiacs like me who wakes up late because we sleep late. This Pasta with Filipino Tuyo and Vegetables: Herring in Oil has bottled tuyo as a star ingredient. Heat up the pan with oil, then fry the flat patties. Also Ref. Near mouth of Tayabas River, USNM 184603. Specimens were collected from a creek at Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya, Luzon, its type locality; 16 males, 1.9 - 3.5 cm and 19 females, 2.2 - 4.1 cm long (Ref. Collected from Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija as specimen for living fish museum (Ref. 57971). 7223). Lapu lapu (Tagalog), Bulang (Agutaynen), Lapu-lapu (Cebuano), Pugapo (Cebuano), Lapu-lapu (Davawenyo), Kurapu (Ilokano), Lapu-lapu (Kapampangan), Lapu-lapu (Tagalog). 94476). Crack an egg, then add salt and pepper. Museum: creek Santa Fe, CAS-SU 24474 (lectotype designated by Böhlke 1953, 3.35 cm SL, male); CAS-SU 18149 (paralectotypes). Fabric. Oil fish (escolar); two types: smooth-skinned and rough-skinned, the latter with a higher oil content; for both, servings of more than 6 oz or 150 g may cause bothersome loose oily stools, for which it has been referred to as "xenical' fish. 4867, 50320, 13446, 81829);including Kalinawan River (Ref. 13446), Tayabas Bay (Ref. 80679, 13446). Reported in Taal Lake (Ref. These languid animals make an easy target for coastal hunters, and they were long sought for their meat, oil, skin, bones, and teeth. Also Ref. And I have always to referred to these as dulong, probably because my mom called it that, and thus I did earlier posts entitled “tortang dulong“, and “daing na dulong“. 13460). 2107, 9494, 4833. Add the water and whisk together until well-blended and smooth. 94476. Also Ref. 13492); and Lake Lanao (Ref. Take tortang dulong. In the village of Loklok, Bauan, which is within the stretch of Balayan Bay, a fish species called dulong thrive in the bay. Roe is marketed as a salted product in the Visayas (Ref. Reported from Dampalit, Malabon; Orani, Bataan; Balayan, Batangas; Bulan, Sorsogon; Dumaguete, Negros Oriental; Zamboanga, Mindanao (Ref. Feel free to add more or other vegetables to this recipe. 94476. Also Ref. 5222). Museum specimens collected in 1983-84 from various localities, LRS-83113 (Ref. Described from a 3.4 cm TL (2.75 SL) male holotype (Philippine Fish and Game Administration No. 7223). 1739, 4867, 28007, 4735. 6348). Also Ref. Abundant in Lake Bombon (=Taal) (Ref. An, Fourfinger threadfin (English), Mamale (Tagalog), Pugao (Banton), Buka-dulce (Bikol), Bungot (Bikol), Hugao (Bikol), Kugao (Bikol), Tigi' (Bikol), Banakon (Cebuano), Boka dulse (Chavacano), Tigi (Davawenyo), Kugaw (Hiligaynon), Tabarara (Ilokano), Hugau (Kuyunon), Bukadolse (Magindanaon), Kagau (Pangasinan), Bikau (Tagalog), Mamali (Tagalog), Kugaw (Waray-waray), Mamale (Waray-waray). Museum specimens collected in 1983-4 from various localities, LRS-83111 (Ref. Specimens were collected during the U.S.N. 280). Specimens were collected in 1993 from Kiga creek, Ambacan River at Baybay, and San Jose Dulag, Leyte and Inuntan, Basey River, Samar (Ref. 109918). Cultured in Angat reservoir (Ref. Specimens were collected in 1993 from Calbiga-a creek, Lagu Lagu creek, a small creek in Guadalupe, Daguitan bridge, and Ambacan River at Butigan and Baybay, Leyte (Ref. Heat up the pan with oil, then fry the flat patties. A list of Philippine fish names in English and its Filipino Common Names, with some scientific names and fish pictures to help identify particular Filipino fish species found in local fish markets: Scientific Names English Names Common Names Pomadasys hasta. Eating poultry and fish eggs are said to help preserve and even replenish your jing. Recorded from Candaba Swamp and Pampanga River (Ref. 280). BMNH 1933.3.11.583-592. Also reported from Magat River and its tributaries, north of Santa Fe (Ref. The more vegetables, the happier! 13446); Negros; Mindanao; Lake Naujan; Busuanga; Jolo, Sulu; Culion; and Panay (Ref. 94476). #140431255 - fish factory staff at workplace. 31778) collected from a gourami pond at Barrio Laput, Mexico, Pampanga, Luzon (Ref. Karen Dulong • 62 Pins. 80824), Paoay creek, Paoay Lake, Butong Lake, Laoag, Ilocos Norte and Lanigay, Polangui, Albay (Ref. 81829), lakes Naujan and Taal (Ref. Sison, CAS-SU 38901, 38902. Favorite Places & Spaces. 12768). Caught as adults and fry in river mouths (e.g. Type locality, Estrella falls near Narra, tributary of Malatgao R., about 80-100 km south of Puerto Princesa, Palawan (Ref. Reported in Taal Lake (Ref. Outside distributional range, occurrence needs further confirmation. Also Ref. Next you'll want to roughly chop your garlic and sili. 109918). 4867, 13446). Dotty. 12760). Clean the dulong (remove anything that does not look like the silver fish); refrain from adding water, then set aside. Recorded as having been or being farmed in rice fields (Ref. Christmas. 104756). 12768). Both lakes are connected with tributaries of Bicol River which empties into San Miguel Bay of the China Sea (Ref. Food. Also known from streams near Fort Stotsenberg, Pampanga and Mangatarem, Pangasinan (Ref. Fox , was found by T. R. Roberts among unidentified material in the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in Intramuros, Manila in 1975. 3.40 cm TL male/unsexed ;2.65 cm TL female. Dulong is a term commonly used in the Philippines to describe a set of small fishes caught using fine-meshed nets (i.e., with a mesh size of less than 3 cm). (Ref. 80679, 13446). 4567, 50320, 13446, 81829), reported from Kalinawan River (Ref. 4867, 13446). Type locality, Bicol River, Camarines Sur; Kalabos Brook, near Daraga, Albay. 7223). Dugongs are related to manatees and are similar in appearance and behavior— though the dugong's tail is fluked like a whale's. Zebra danio (English), Zebra fish (English). is . 12740). Endemic status computed from FishBase data (country records, occurrences records in literature and in point data) on 16/07/08. Dugongs are now legally protected throughout their range, but their populations are still in a tenuous state. Dad had me dissolve 3 cups of salt with some hot water. 81820). Also Ref. fish translation in English-Tagalog dictionary. Specimens were collected from Ambacan River at Baybay, Leyte in 1993 (Ref. 13460). 12165, 13446). 29019). Reported from Lake Manguao; 2003 study showed that this surface dwelling species feed on plankton and neuston, thrive in the littoral zone and are viviparous (Ref. Specimens collected from Ibo, a small mountain creek flowing into Angat River in Bulacan, about 60 km northeast of Manila (Ref. 13446); Laguna de Bay (Ref. 280, 94476. 13460, 80824). The Dulong ethnic group is one of the 28 ethnic groups with a small population in my country. Karen Dulong • 34 Pins. Museum: Taytay fish market, FRLM 12146. Mix everything thoroughly but gently. 81820). Most of these were placed in a pond at Dulauan, Cotabato. Endemic status computed from FishBase data (country records, occurrences records in literature and in point data) on 16/07/08. Specimens were collected from Calbiga-a creek, Leyte in 1993 (Ref. 280). Introduced to Lake Lanao (as. A task easier done with your bare hands but be careful, some pieces are sharp. 280). Described from specimens collected in 1926 from a small mountain lake beside sitio Lanigay (Lake Lanigay), Polangui, Albay, Luzon. I do not know why the market at my area becomes alive in the late afternoons instead of the mornings. Museum: No locality, CAS 63198 (Ref. Karen Dulong • 102 Pins. Recorded from Candaba Swamp and Pampanga River (Ref. Museum specimens collected in 1983-84 from various localities, LRS-83113 (Ref. 80730). 4735). Caught with hook and line and used for food (Ref. Recorded from Lanuza Bay (Ref. Karen Dulong • 17 Pins. Photograph by Mike Parry, Minden Pictures/Nat Geo Image Collection, https://www.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/d/dugong.html. Has not established in the wild (Ref. 109918). 47588), Laguna de Bay (Ref. Pangasinan: Olo Creek, CAS-SU 38209; CAS 50721; UMMZ 211664. Collected from a fish market at Sorsogon, Sorsogon Bay, Bikol; also recorded from Capiz, Panay (Ref. Print Recipe. Collected from CLSU fish pond, Nueva Ecija and Lake Taal Laurel, Batangas as a living specimen (Ref. Both are related to the elephant, although the giant land animal is not at all similar in appearance or behavior. Inland record from Palawan (Ref. Downton Abbey. The loss of the endemic cyprinids has been attributed to the heavy predation by the species which was inadvertently stocked in the lake with Nile tilapia fingerlings coming from a government hatchery in Surigao del Norte (Ref. The Drungs live on fried noodles made of highland barley, corn, rice or millet. 439). Anadromous in the country (Ref. Introduced to Lake Mainit, Mindanao (Ref. 81829). Alamang is to shrimps while Dulong is to fishes) at the market yesterday afternoon. Also Ref. In range Ref. The dried-fish section of the market also boasts of tilis (which is danggit in Cebu); haba (flat, long fish); squid, dilis (anchovies), dulong; and bisugo. 2858). Alvin Seale brought 24 individuals of this fish to Manila from Honolulu, Hawaii, to be used to control mosquito (Ref. 95183). All rights reserved. Moderate purine foods also include red meats, legumes, spinach, mushrooms and asparagus. 6802. Bluespot mullet (English), Talilong (Tagalog), Balanak (Agutaynen), Aguas (Bikol), Araran (Bikol), Saranaa (Bikol), Tabudyos (Bikol), Gisaw (Cebuano), Banak (Chavacano), Lisas (Chavacano), Banak (Davawenyo), Gisaw (Davawenyo), Gisaw (Hiligaynon), Tungkaw (Hiligaynon), Lapes (Ilokano), Ludong (Ilokano), Lumitog (Ilokano), Lurung (Ilokano), Pasga (Ilokano), Balanak (Kagayanen), Banak (Kuyunon), Balanak (Magindanaon), Banak (Maranao/Samal/Tao Sug), Agwas (Tagalog), Asubi (Tagalog), Balungain (Tagalog), Banak (Tagalog), Bilungan (Tagalog), Gagapang (Tagalog), Kapak (Tagalog), Lumitog (Tagalog), Sumalapau (Tagalog), Tandipil (Tagalog), Lampuhan (Visayan), Pili (Visayan), Balanak (Waray-waray), Banak (Waray-waray). Tuyo are herrings, tiny fish salted and sun dried for food preservation. serving. Reported from Lake Taal (Ref. Just leave in pan until scales start to come off the fish. 280); Lake Buluan (Ref. Specimens in ViSCA were collected from a river mouth in Baybay, Leyte in 1993 (Ref. 280, 12766, 94476. Karen Dulong • 36 Pins. When I was young, my dad taught me how to prepare butterflied, dried fish.